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RxJS Master Class

In our RxJS Master Class we learn how to approach a problem in a functional reactive way by building a video game. Take a deep dive into the world of Observables, learn different poweful operators and get an idea how to avoid side effects and external state.

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What's inside

Master RxJS and Observables by building a snake game using reactive functional programming from scratch.



  • What is reactive programming?
  • Reactive Extensions as a tool
  • Observables and the power of operators
  • Events vs. Promises vs. Observables

★ Extended

Advanced Usage

  • Side Effects and how to avoid them
  • Composing Streams
  • Hot and Cold Observables
  • Schedulers

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Angular Master Class
Brad Green, Project Manager Angular at Google

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"I'm really impressed by thoughtram's in-depth explanations on the big concepts in Angular. And doubly impressed that they've stayed up to date on our rapid release schedule!"

— Brad Green, Project Manager Angular at Google