Git Master Class

Our Git Master Class is a deep-dive into the Git version control system, covering everything from underlying technologies to advanced productivity techniques and collaborative development in teams.

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What's inside

From novice to master. Learn advanced commands and powerful tools, to leverage the full potential of Git.



Understand distributed version control systems and their advantages over centralised version control systems like SVN.


Anatomy of Commits

Learn about the anatomy of a Git commit to fully understand Git as an addressable file system.


Branches & Merges

Explore the structure of a repository, the index, the branching mechanism, and the different merging trategies.

★ Extended

Rebasing & Cherry Picking

Learn how to rebase, interactively rebase, squashing commits, and more!

★ Extended


Learn how to setup and use remote repositories to share work with your team mates.

★ Extended


There are different ways to work with Git repositories. We show what works best for you.

In-house or hosted training

Request your individual in-house training for your team, or bring the Git Master Class to your city by hosting a public training at your company!

Git Master Class
Mike Adolphs, Engineer at Google

Loved by experts

"I was impressed by how passionate Christoph and Pascal conveyed knowledge about Git! Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an experienced Git user, you will gain new insights by attending one of their training sessions."

— Mike Adolphs, Engineer at GitHub