Angular Master Class

Our Angular Master Class is a high-quality, battle-tested training experience with up-to-date courseware brought to your company or hosted as a public class in a city near you.

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What's inside

Throughout this training we will build a real world Angular application teaching you all essential and advanced concepts of the framework.



  • TypeScript Basics
  • Angular Concepts
  • Bootstrapping an app
  • Displaying data
  • Using Directives


Angular CLI

  • Generating components
  • Generating services
  • Transpiling TypeScript
  • Building and serving apps


Dependency Injection

  • Creating services
  • Configuring providers
  • Provider strategies
  • Understanding the injector tree



  • Getting started with Observables
  • Performing GET, PUT & POST requests
  • Configuring request headers

★ Extended


  • Observer, Observable, Subject
  • Observables vs. Promises
  • Lettable Operators

★ Extended


  • Inputs & Outputs
  • Component communication
  • ContentChildren ViewChildren
  • Custom Eventbus

★ Extended


  • Template-driven Forms
  • Reactive Forms
  • Built-in Validation
  • Custom Validation
  • Custom Form Controls

★ Extended


  • Configuring Routes
  • Linking Routes
  • Navigation Guards
  • Route Resolvers
  • Children Routes
  • Lazy-loading Modules

★ Extended

Angular Material

  • Flex-box Layouts
  • Basic Material UI
  • Form Components
  • Dynamic UIs

★ Extended


  • Testing Services
  • Testing Directives & Components
  • Shallow Testing
  • Integration Tests
  • Custom Helpers & Matchers

★ Extended


  • Understanding Redux
  • A Store from scratch
  • Middleware
  • Thunk Middleware
  • Phased actions

★ Extended

Statemanagement with ngrx

  • ngrx Store
  • Actions & Reducers
  • Middleware
  • Effects and Facades
  • Action Splitters

★ Extended

Progressive Web Apps

  • Web App Manifest
  • Installable Web Apps
  • Angular Service Worker
  • Offline Support

★ Extended

Server-side Rendering

  • Building your own Node server
  • Angular Universal APIs
  • Render app on the Server
  • Enable instant page load

In-house or hosted training

Request your individual in-house training for your team, or bring the Angular Master Class to your city by hosting a public training at your company!

Angular Master Class
Igor Minar, Angular Team Lead at Google

Loved by experts

"I love how Pascal and Christoph can explain even the trickiest things with humor and ease. Thanks for being awesome and contributing so much to the Angular community."

— Igor Minar, Angular Team Lead at Google