Git Master Class

Master the most popular version control system

Boost your productivity

Fast and flexible

We use Git on our daily basis to be as productive as possible, especially when working in larger projects with even larger teams. The Git Master Class experience teaches you the ins and outs of the version control system.

Why take this training?

Ever wondered what the HEAD is? Do you know how to properly do an interactive rebase without screwing everything up? You'll learn all this in course.

What's inside?

Everything you need.

From novice to master. You'll learn advanced commands and powerful tools, such as interactive rebasing, to leverage the full potential of Git.


Understand distributed version control systems and their advantages over centralised version control systems like SVN.

Anatomy of a Commit

Learn about the anatomy of a Git commit to fully understand Git as an addressable file system.

Branches and Merges

Explore the structure of a repository, the index, the branching mechanism, and the differen merging trategies.

Rebasing and Cherry picking

Learn how to rebase, interactively rebase, squashing commits, and more!


There are different ways to work with Git repositories. We show what works best for you.

Working with Remotes

Learn how to setup and use remote repositories to share work with your team mates.

What you will take home

For now and for ever

As a Git Master Class attendee you’ll get life-long access to all current and future slide decks via our exclusive learning platform classroom. Same goes for all our private repositories with tons of examples, exercises and solutions.


Attending our training doesn't require a special setup. These few things should get you started.

  • done A laptop with Git installed
  • done A GitHub account
  • done Good mood!

Read our Preparation Guide to get ready for your next training.

We are committed to providing a harassment-free training experience for everyone. Please read our Code of Conduct if you consider joining this class.

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