Angular Master Class

Master Angular the right way

The future is here

Here to stay.

Just like AngularJS was pushing the boundaries of web development at it's time of creation, Angular is pushing hard again. We believe in its success and think investing time to learn it now, will be time very well spent.

Taking the awesome Angular Master Class with the guys at thoughtram got me started with Angular fast! For me it was a key ingredient in becoming a member of the Angular docs authoring team and blogging about all things Angular at

Almero Steyn

Software Engineer, Angular Docs Author

What's inside?

Everything you need.

Throughout this workshop we will build a real world Angular application teaching you all important aspects of the framework.


Get started with the next major version of Angular. Bootstrap your first application and render data using built-in directives.

  • done TypeScript Basics
  • done Angular Concepts
  • done Bootstrapping an app
  • done Displaying data
  • done Using Directives

Material and Flex Layout

Learn how to use Material components and Angular's flex layout to build sophisticated, rich user interfaces.

  • done Layouts using flex-box
  • done Using basic Material UI components
  • done Using Material form components
  • done Dynamic and Responsive UIs

Angular CLI

Use the official Angular CLI to generate components, directives and services, and to compile, run and deploy your applications.

  • done Generating components
  • done Generating services
  • done Transpiling TypeScript
  • done Building and serving apps

Dependency Injection

Learn about the dependency injector tree to make your applications extensible, testable and maintainable.

  • done Creating services
  • done Configuring providers
  • done Defining provider recipes
  • done Understanding the injector tree
  • done Injecting dependencies using tokens
  • done Taking advantage of opaque tokens


Explore the new component router to implement basic routing, child routes and router lifecycle hooks.

  • done Configuring routes
  • done Linking to routes
  • done Navigation Guards
  • done Children routes
  • done Sibling routes
  • done Lazy loading modules


Perform http requests to fetch, send and update data using the new http layer based on Observables.

  • done Performing GET, PUT & POST requests
  • done Getting started with observables
  • done Configuring request headers


Observables open up a fantastic world of reactive functional programming. We'll teach you how!

  • done Understanding Observer & Observable
  • done Observables vs. Promises
  • done Creating Observables and Subjects
  • done Emitting events
  • done Subscribing to observables
  • done Observable Operators

Component Architecture

Learn how to think in components and tame complexity with simple component architecture patterns.

  • done Inputs, Outputs and data flow
  • done Smart vs. Dumb components
  • done Using DI for component communication
  • done Querying view and children
  • done Communicating via custom event bus


Forms are an important aspect of nearly every application. We discuss template-driven forms, model-driven forms and validators.

  • done Template-driven forms
  • done Reactive forms
  • done FormBuilder
  • done Validation and error messages
  • done Custom validators
  • done Asynchronous validators
  • done Custom Form Controls

What you will take home

For now and for ever.

As an Angular Master Class attendee you’ll get life-long access to all current and future slide decks via our exclusive learning platform classroom. Same goes for all our private repositories with tons of examples, exercises and solutions.


Attending our training doesn't require a special setup. These few things should get you started.

  • done A laptop with Node/npm and Git installed
  • done A GitHub account
  • done HTML, JavaScript or TypeScript experience
  • done Good mood!

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We are committed to providing a harassment-free training experience for everyone. Please read our Code of Conduct if you consider joining this class.

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